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Thank you (Ačiū)
First Lithuanian 2 euro commemorative coin, which is dedicated to the Lithuanian language. Ačiū, Indre :)
Lithuania, 2 Euro, 2015, Ačiū
Georgia on my mind
For those in doubt, not the one in the USA, but the one in Europe/Asia. Thank you Marčius!
Georgia, 5 Tetri, 1993Georgia, 20 Tetri, 1993
Birds from Indonsia
Thank you Auguste and Stefan for these Indonesian birds!
Indonesia, 100 Rupiah, 1999Indonesia, 50 Rupiah, 2002
Pacific French Paradise
Some say, that New Caledonia is a French paradise in Pacific Ocean. Never have been there, so can't neither deny or confirm this, but they sure have some nice coins :) Thank you, Danas!
New Caledonia, 50 Francs, 2000New Caledonia, 2 Frans, 2004New Caledonia, 20 Francs, 2010New Caledonia, 100 Francs, 2010New Caledonia, 1 Franc, 2011New Caledonia, 5 Francs, 2011New Caledonia, 10 Francs, 2012
Presents from Indonesia and South Korea
Traveling friends are very valuable friends :) Thank you Sarah and Isaac for this present from Southeast Asia!
Indonesia, 1000 Rupiah, 2009Indonesia, 10000 Rupiah, 2013South Korea, 1000 Won, 2006South Korea, 5000 Won, 2006Indonesia, 2000 Rupiah, 2014
South Korea, 500 Won, 1982South Korea, 100 Won, 1986South Korea, 10 Won, 2014
Goodbye Litas, Hello Euro
The start of 2015 was a bit special in Lithuania. From the 1st of January Litas was replaced with Euro. We had Litas for more than 20 years and it was hard to say goodbye to it, but the World does not stat still and you have to move on. Thank you my friends from Lithuania for introducing me to our new currency.
Lithania, 1 Euro, 2015Lithuania, 1 Euro Cent, 2015Lithuania, 2 Euro, 2015Lithuania, 2 Euro Cent, 2015Lithuania, 5 Euro Cent, 2015Lithuania, 10 Euro Cent, 2015Lithuania, 20 Euro Cent, 2015Lithuania, 50 Euro Cent, 2015
Suriname - where is that? Thank you, Alonzo, for improving my geographical knowledge! :)
Mongolia, 10 Togrog, 2002Suriname, 10 Gulden, 1998Venezuela, 2 Bolivares, 2007
More from Australia
Once again, thank you Isaac and Luka for finding something, I couldn't.
Australia, 50 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - ACTAustralia, 1 Dollar, 2014, 100 years of ANZACAustralia, 2 Dollars, 2013, EhR Coronation 60 years
Souvenir from New Zealand
I have recently visited New Zealand, and they have very nice banknotes, I'd say. Not sure, whether, I am happy or sad, I din't get my hands on 100 dollar bill :)
New Zealand, 5 Dollars, 1999New Zealand, 10 Dollars, 2012New Zealand, 20 Dollars, 2012New Zealand, 50 Dollars, 2012
Crazy Shapes
Crazy shapes from Cook Islands and Hong Kong
Cook Islands, 1 Dollar, 2010Cook Islands, 2 Dollars, 2010Hong Kong, 2 Dollars, 1998Hong Kong, 20 Cents, 1993Hong Kong, 50 Cents, 1998